The Real Darcy Farrow

To: Mark Michaelis WGDR

Subject: John Malcolm Penn - Driftin' River

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 09:17:56 -0700 

Hi Mark,   

Many thanks for spinning DriftinRiver on your June 21st show, I really appreciate it. Vermont eh? That's Steve Gillette country. We go back a long way and I'll give you a quick story. Back around 1979 we were both playing for the same restaurant chain; Steve in the OC and I was in MammothLakes where Steve's family had vacationed since he was a kid. Anyway, Steve's dad George was in Mammoth on a ski trip and hanging out where I was playing....knowing I'd rifle off a lot of his son's songs. As I'm playing Darcy Farrow guy at the table next to George chimes in to his girlfriend about the song and how it was a true legend from the silver rush days. George had been waiting a long time for this and as an attorney, gave a closing argument suitable for any courtroom. 'My son and Tom Campbell were drinking and made the song up, and my daughter Darcy was ten years old and riding in Mammoth meadows when she fell off her horse and broke her arm' And so on. I kind of felt sorry for the guy just trying to score points but George had had enough with the misinformation.


Hey John,

Classic story...  love it!  Yes, Steve & Cindy are So VT residents, timing hasn't worked out yet but one of these days I truly hope to have them on the show. 


Thanks for the copy of "DriftinRiver"...  love the record, really a great listen straight through, and that's more and more of a rarity these days.  Keep me in mind if you ever find yourself heading up this way, you'd be a most welcome guest on the show!


Mark Michaelis

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