Driftin' River

John Malcolm Penn
Driftin' River June 2014
John Malcolm Penn


That Eddie Dean western movie and I premiered on the same day. since the female lead was Shirley Patterson, my Godmother, I just had to write this song. Much like the movie's river, the song's lyrics drift from a rancher's distressed daughter to a wider social commentary.




Jenny was the farmer’s daughter

Daddy had the farm in a fix

She got help from the town banker

Nothin’ but a bag full of tricks

Lies just grow and flow like water

She said it wouldn’t do any harm

To get on a bus, I don’t want much

Just a life away from this farm


(chorus) Fool me once, I had it comin’

Fool me twice, I had it comin’ again

Fool me tray, not okay

For I won’t go, and I won’t row

This driftin’ river again


Seems to me we’re all like Jenny

Politicians got us in a fix

One side says, trust the bankers

The other has a bag full of tricks

Lies just grow and flow like water

Before there’s any more harm

Kick ‘em off the bus, we can’t trust ‘em

We’re tired of sharecropping their farm



Driftin' River debuts at #10 on Folk DJ-L charts

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