Driftin' River

We are proud to announce John Malcolm Penn's release of (Driftin' River) on Blue Night Records.  It's got it all --- love songs, riverboats, cowboys, silver mines, a few tasty instrumentals, and a wonderful homage to our flag. Once again, John touches our hearts with his lyrics, brings smiles to our faces with his melodies, and puts spring in our step with his instruments.

Steven Briggs, President-Blue Night Records

Hangtown Fry

This man is a journeyman folk singer. He has a beautiful voice and is a gifted songwriter. From the hundreds of songs he sent us, we selected twelve. Each is a gem. I guess we “rediscovered” John in some ways, and we’re just amazed that the world has not yet had the pleasure of experiencing his genius. For “Hangtown Fry” John wrote all the songs, sang all the parts, and played all the instruments. Welcome to Blue Night Records, John. We’re very proud you’re with us. Blue Night Records

Driftin' River debuts at #10 on Folk DJ-L charts

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